• Winding with round wire.
  • Winding with shaped wire.
  • Winding the AC electric motors up to 300 kW.
  • Winding the DC electric motors up to 50 kW.
  • Winding the slip-ring motors.
  • Winding the generators.
  • Winding the transformers up to 4 kVA.
  • Winding the brake coils, choke coils, tickler coils etc.
  • Machine-winding (tight cooperation).
  • General repair of electric motors up to 150 kW.
  • Rewinding of electric motors for submersible pumps.
  • Pump repairs of all type.
  • Repairs of transmissions and electromagnetic clutches.
  • Mechanical processing and motors assembling.
  • Dynamic balancing of rotor shafts up to 300 kg

We manufacture small and medium lots of motor windings which cannot be manufactured in machine way. We make winding prototypes and new designs on the customer's demands. We take difficult tasks connected with special requirements.

We guarantee

Professional and reliable realization of the orders.
Prompt delivery realization.
Competitive and stable prices.
Free prototypes manufacturing.
Delivery to the orderer (constant cooperation) - We provide our own transport. 

We stand the full guarantee for our windings.

We are developing our manufacturing capabilites and range of products. 
We are looking for more Partners.
We will willingly distribute and service your products.
Check our competitive offer!.

We are ready for new challenges!